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I promised you some handy tools to up your SEO game.

This list gives you all you need to do some of the best SEO writing (plus my own creations at the end).


Define your keywords

You might be planning on getting to the top of Google on some broad keyword. Don't waste your energy!

You're a lot better off looking for keywords that are more specific and that you can actually get to attract some relevant traffic with.

Use Ubersuggest.com to get more ideas about which keywords to go for. You can either enter your website or the keyword you have been thinking about. You only get three searches for free each day, so make them count (or start saving up keywords now for later projects).

Check out Answer The Public for longer search phrases and questions that people are asking the search engines now. You'll want to provide some great answers.


Then check out what's not working

You can use the excellent free tool Screaming Frog SEO Spider for that. It let's you spot the biggest horros on pretty much any website.

So what are you looking for?

Duplicate H1 and H2 headlines (those are the primary and secondary headlines respectively. You can only have one primary but several secondary).

Images that have seemingly random strings of digits and letters instead of meaningful file names that relate to the keywords you wish to rank for. (also check for missing alt text. You want to write what is actually on the photo to make it accessible to search engine sentinels and humans with poor sight).

Also missing meta descriptions and more. Take some time to get to know that frog!

And if you want to know more about the mistakes you should look for, check out this in-depth blog post from SEMrush.


When you're ready to go SEO pro:

This is where you need to pay to play. Some tools have a cheap trial. Test them out and see what you like best.

SEMrush.com has an excellent SEO writing assistant that lets you see how your copy will perform – in real time!

Ahrefs.com is by far one of my favorite tools. It is not cheap, but it lets you monitor the performance of several sites, look up new keyword ideas and a lot of other cool stuff.

Check it out if you want to get serious with this SEO thing.


But there's one last trick up my soft sleeves ...

copywriter strongest copy per andreasen

My own battle-tested offers for you


The Copywriter's SEO battle plan

Over the years I've refined an SEO battle plan I use to gather up all my research and couple it with my copywriting approach to get the complete SEO strategy for (sometimes) huge websites.

It's the tool I wish the SEO agencies I've worked with in the past had made.


The Copywriter's Guide to Press Releases

Media coverage is a great way to boost your SEO rankings when done right.

Whether you want to use press releases for your own business, as a service to others or as an add-on to your SEO work, this complete guide will make it easy for you.


These two products would cost a fortune if they were put out by some fancy pants SEO people.

But you can have them for only 27 USD.

Just hit the button below, PayPal me and I'll send them your way ASAP.

And if you have any questions, hit me up!