Freelance Copywriter for sustainable brands

I help companies in the fitness and construction industries sell more in writing (or video).

What can you get out of working with me?

  • Email onboarding sequences with a 69% opening rate and 20% click rate
  • Increasing and enduring traffic for relevant keywords
  • Easy to understand communication of technical solutions
  • A unique and strong brand in a tough market
  • A recognizable and trustworthy style on all platforms



My name is Per Andreasen, and I am an independent copywriter.

(The world's strongest, actually)

My customers are sustainable brands. This means that they create value for people through honest and durable solutions.

For some of them, this also means that they value the environment highly.

For others, it means that they will help their customers make lasting improvements in life.

I have the highest respect for all of them.

Per Andreasen text author copywriter strongest copy

SEO copywriter specializing in texts, which convert

What does SEO copywriter actually mean?

In short, I help you attract more relevant traffic to your website.

I do this by analyzing your current challenges, the weaknesses of your competitors and your opportunities to take advantage of them.

I write and optimize your copy, so you get the best traffic, that Google can give you.

At the time of this writing, my copy provides traffic, that would be equivalent to my customers spending up to 372 USD on Google Ads each month.

My customers say...

"It's hard for us to get our messages across in a professional way in our everyday life. Per is good at understanding our business and products, so he can do it for us. We have a close and effective dialogue, where he often contributes alternative angles, which ensures, that our communication is on point."

Christian Thing, CEO
Saga Wood ApS

"Per doesn't just live up to our expectations. He is proactive, and I can always count on
him to find time for us, when we need it.

It's great, that he moves fast and secures us meaningful content
To our target group at the agreed price. "

Maria Jakobsen, project manager and owner
Jakobsen Huse

"Per is super creative and good at getting into the way our audiences think. He can always find the time to give us new input, and we get great value out of sending our campaigns through his curly brain. "

Peter Larsen-Ledet, CEO
Floradania Marketing

"I never have to worry about having the capacity for new customers.
Per is on point and makes me feel safebecause he really cares about our cooperation. "

Anette Maria Christensen, CEO

Koncept Marketing

"Per grabs the baton and brings valuable perspectives to several areas. He made us reflect on our target audience and many things, that we had never thought of before. "

Mads Frandsen, partner and Google Ads Specialist


Should I help you get results too?

Freelance copywriter specializing in construction and fitness

I have always been curious and loved writing.

That's why I studied to become a journalist at theDanish School Of Journalism (DMJX). Since 2011 I have earned money using that curiosity.

After a few years at several newspapers, I realized that the traditional media is not really my cup of chai.

So I switched from the ailing media industry to the advertising industry.

Daily conflicts with unwilling sources and rigid disciplines were replaced with result-oriented clients.

I spent 2.5 years at my best workplace to date – the advertising agency Superego – before I realized, that I'm not just curious.

I have a great urge to talk to my clients, manage my time and create maximum value for them.

Therefore, I became an independent copywriter in 2017.

Read about my professional experiences and thoughts on the blog.

Never asked questions...

Do you also write party songs?
No. I write copy.

The text that goes into your marketing. So I can't help you copyRIGHT stuff either.

I named my business Strongest Copy, so there's no doubt what I do – and who I write for.


Are you also a skilled craftsman?
Not in the sense that I can fix stuff around my house. But I sure can help you nail your marketing!

I've lived most of my life in Jutland – close to very concrete and honest craftsmanship.

So I learned a part of the theory.


Why can you write about the construction industry?
As a journalist, you learn to write about most things and make yourself an expert along the way.

For many years I have written about contractors and manufacturers in the construction industry. First as a local journalist and later on as a copywriter.

Since 2015 I have mainly studied the Danish industry for house construction.

I grew up in a type house from 1979 and now live in one from 1965. So I learned a lot about the market, the products and the history. All that came in handy, when I helped create the brand Hybel and gave it a strong start in an otherwise tough market in 2016.


How sustainable are you?
Frankly, I have not tried to calculate that. But feel free to try!

I have not eaten meat since 2002.

On the other hand I drive many kilometers in my petrol fueled car, buy many shoes and fly abroad without buying any form of climate compensation.

But I have stopped fighting weeds in my garden. I build small caves for hedgehogs, set up bee and insect hotels and leave the so-called "garden waste" in my compost pile.


Do you have a question that needs answering? Then ask me here.