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Can you pass a strongman competition without taking long looks? Me neither!

Do you HAVE to intervene when you see horribly executed exercises? OMG! Same!

Is it IMPOSSIBLE for you to let MLM supplement pushers talk their nonsense without serving them a big scoop of science? Yeah? We should talk!

fitness copywriter Per Andreasen

Fitness copywriter with expert journalist skills

Hey! I’m Per Andreasen

(pronounced a bit like the French name Pierre, but without any of the charm).

I’m based in Denmark, but computer games, horror movies, skateboarding and fitness have all pulled my heart close to the USA.

How I know the fitness industry

I thought surgery would fix my knee.

But after healing, the stabbing pain just came right back. It turned out I had a double sided jumper’s knee and needed squats and deadlifts more than I’d ever needed to be cut open.

Weight training helped me break free of the pain that flipped my life upside down.

Sneaky interview techniques that uncover valuable info

I’ve always loved to write.

So I farmer walked down the beaten path and became a journalist. I mostly worked as a one man army in small towns I knew nothing about.

This taught me to be efficient, creative and stick to deadlines. But I soon realized that I wanted MORE!

I help people like you build the businesses of their dreams

After working out for a decade I fell deeply in love with no-nonsense businesses in the fitness industry.

These are my dream clients.

On one hand I get to help more people take better care of themselves (and not end up where I was).

On the other hand, I help people like you build the businesses they dream of.

Fitness instructor and fitness media journalist

Along the way I took a short course to become a fitness instructor (like a 10th of a personal trainer course) and help people find their favorite exercises in my local gym.

I also spent a year trying to build an online media outlet for the Danish fitness industry.

So I know the industry. And now I also stick to the services I know.


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