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Chiseled copy for strong brands

I cut the fat off your target audience, tighten up your strategy and help you get that copy in shape, so it sells more.

Let's make a difference together!

I get a kick out of helping companies who make life better for their customers.

Maybe you help clients become strong and pain free.

Maybe you build homes that are actually nice to live in – or products that keep houses and their owners healthy.

As long as you make people's lives better, I'd like to help you reach more of them and turn it into a better business.

Have a look in my gym bag

(No stink. I swear!)

analytisk tekstforfatter strongest copy per andreasen

The analytic

Do you have clients that are a true fit for you?

I will analyze your market and optimize your strategy.

And use that insight to assemble effective SEO copy. It will strengthen your brand and your bottom line.

tekstforfatter fitness copywriter strongest copy per andreasen

The copywriter

Did you ever get around to reading all the big books on psychology, influence and copywriting? No?

Then let me give you my best tips and tricks from them.

I learn from the best and create effective copy for you.

tekstforfatter konceptudvikler kreativ strongest copy

The inventor

Do you hate having fun? No. Of course not! Neither does your target audience.

I'll make it fun for you to get your business into shape.

Together we will create campaigns that set new standards and break records.

I learn from the best.

And pass it on to you.

Every year I attend courses and conferences that make me better at helping your business.

Keep an eye on my blog and Instagram if you don't want to miss out on any of it.