Your business is only as strong as your copy.

So does it even lift, bro?

Do you want your business to take first place in its class?

Or do you just need it to be more profitable?

Then you have to take a good look at how you’re showing up and performing right now.

I’ll help you point out the weak spots in your copy and content and how to strengthen them to turn heads and make sales.

Are you ready to level up and get a healthy business in the fitness industry?

Hey! I’m Per Andreasen – The World’s Strongest Copywriter™.

I love to help heavy weight businesses like yours to beef up sales and retention.

You know your business. You know the fitness industry. But do you still struggle to put your own spin on things and attract more clients with your marketing?

fitness copywriting marketing

A lot of gyms, suppliers and personal trainers struggle with their marketing.

And it makes them feel like one big blob of meh.

It’s a lot like they’re skipping leg day. They end up with a Schwarzenegger-esque torso (your value to your customers) walking around on a pair of matchsticks (your marketing). That’s not for you!

I won’t see you training your biceps in the Smith cage!

But as stupid as that looks, you might still prefer it to that feeling you get when it’s time to sell yourself. You’re not alone.

Most of my clients prefer to do the work they love and leave their copywriting and content creation to me.

So let me ask you this:

Do you ever ...

  • Only sell that new thing to a handful of clients?
  • Post on Instagram 3 days in a row and then run out of ideas?
  • Look at your competition not knowing how you can outshine them?
  • Stare cluelessly at a blank piece of paper or blinking cursor (like the dude above)?
  • Regret building an email list because you NEVER sell to it (or not even having a list)?

Then we should talk!

Asking people to buy is important. But it won’t work on its own.

You can finally break through your marketing paralysis and churn out tons of big ideas.

By warming up your audience with valuable and strategic content, you too can have your target audience lining up for that new thing you’re planning.

Even if you know how to write ...

You probably know how to write. Most of my clients do, since they’ve gone through many years of education on anatomy, nutrition and physical exercise.

But you can’t approach your content the same way you did that dissertation on the incredibly low value of BCAA.

You can hammer something out and leave it to me to make it connect with your audience.

"I have a habit of writing too theoretical, so it is a huge help that Per could make my message understandable to anyone. I highly recommend him,"

– Marie Obel, Owner, MindOverMatter.


"Per is a rare breed of copywriter: one who can take the dryest of subject matter and make it engaging. He communicates brilliantly throughout the project, and I always know that jobs are in good hands when I give them to Per!"

– Sam Gale, Client Success Director, BBD Boom.

Unlock your hidden strengths before your competitor does

Ready to attract more clients, retain members or simply sell more equipment?

You too can uncover the hidden potential in your business. maybe unlock hidden strengths?

I will help you CRUSH it by producing the content and copy that truly connects with your audience.

When you’ve gone through The BRO Framework™, I can help you create …

  • The outline and copy for your website
  • Emails that hook your audience and drive sales
  • Content that turns prospects into clients and then into fans
  • Habits of showing up in a way that fits both you and your audience
  • Workshops that teach your team all of the above

Book a call with me before your competition uses my insight to take a giant box jump with their business.